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Free Fonts

Free Fonts

Have you ever looked at a word and wondered…what da font is that called? Or as a designer was in need of a particular “look” to make that project POP.

Font – A set of type of one particular face and size of characters

And believe it or not, font is IMPORTANT to any project.

Now, there’s a pool of resources to fish from for ‘fonts’. Some you have to pay and others are free (yes, life is always better when its free). is not only an awesome water hole that most designers use from, but they’re FREE. They also allow you to see what your sample text will look like with the particular font you are considering. This is fabulous because it saves you time from downloading and installing something that you really don’t want or can use. And we all know…time is money.  You can search by genre of font styles such as serif, sans-serif, foreign, script and also dingbats. I know, I know, why would you want to know about dingbats… but believe it or not, take one of those dingbats and make them into an outline and BAM you have yourself a graphic object. Even if your not a designer but maybe like the way a word was written or looking for a cool lettering style for a tattoo (although not all fonts are recommended) its a place to go and gander….kinda like ‘window shopping. 🙂

I’ve been using DaFont for the past 5 years now and like that they carry most of the popular fonts that clients like to see. The search is easy and helpful, also if they don’t have your font, they share with you other (of course sponsored) sites that do. You can also create an account and upload your own fonts you create.

I have to say, they have come to the rescue at times, like when I’ve received files and the font file was missing and the sender didn’t know what I was talking about….it was no worries. I just searched, downloaded and viola, borken links fixed…. timeline met 🙂

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Cinco De Mayo

Posted: May 5, 2009 in Micanopy, print

I had a great experience with a fellow graphic designer who did the print for a project I did for Micanopy Doc Hollywood days.

Although school does a great job of ‘introducing’ you to what the real world offers…there’s nothing like “real world” experience that truly teaches you. Each print project differs from printer to printer and patience truly is a virture for each job.

Glad to say. Mission complete and I look forward to the hardcopy.

Thanks again Benji from !