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The sun shine brightly today and although I didn’t get much sleep, I felt extremely energetic. Actually it was energetic with a killer headache followed with nausea and dizziness, but nothing was going to make me frown. So, after I made my coffee and took care of some small details of personal chores I took a step outside and was amazed by the beauty of the world. The sky was a beautiful clear blue, skattered white clouds that painted the sky with imaginary friends and a cool breeze that made the palm trees sing. I took a deep breathe in and then out and said to myself, “Thank you God”. It felt good to be alive. To watch the planes in the sky, daydream on the ripples in the water and feel the sand in my hands. Although since my accident, I’m still not 100% me, I’m able to appreciate the blessings of being Alive and God’s Creations. That’s more that what others can do in the world. Breathe in and Breathe out… Life is Good.