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So the move to Tampa dust has finally settled. I’m loving my new place and adjusting to my new RL. I recently picked up a second job in Downtown St. Petersburg for a real estate company Getaway Homes as a Graphic Designer. I take it day by day and hope to catch up on some bills with the extra cash flow. Tip percentage has become minimal is not close to nothing so I’ve been eating a lot of Top Ramen and salads with potatoes.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on my “social networking” with the tools that keep me connected to friends, family and clients. wow, that just sounded like a sponsored plug. But I have and I’ve been having fun with it.

I’ve been using 12 This site allows you to upload quick 12 second vids via webcam or phone. They have “Challenges” with topics and you can 12 sec your thoughts. Or you can just 12 sec what ever you want. Some of them are funny.

Of course, there’s the Twitter. I’ve always liked this concept although there are more people who are beginning to hate it. I think this network tool can be misunderstood. But once you understand it…it’s a gold min!

Facebook is one of my favorites. They are constantly updating and some of these updates are turning me off to this network tool and pushing me more to others (e.g. 12 seconds, twitter, dailybooth) but its still is an awesome site

and lastly on my daily Social Networking updating list, there is DailyBooth. I love this! You take a photo everyday with a blog/log. I know this will go viral when more people discover it, but until then, its like my Twitter before everyone tweeted.

Well, I’m ready to hit the hay and catch some z’s. So GoodNite and sleep well 🙂


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