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I’ve recently found myself a new apartment in Tampa, 10 minutes from Ybor City. I was planning on moving in the first week of June with a transfer to a new Red Lobster, 15 minutes from my new apt. but due to the slow economy, my transfer was delayed until Aug. So, I’m stuck in transition from Gainesville to Tampa until Aug leaving me to pay two rents.
This can put a damper on my plans and also some more financial stress but I am coping. Just as most of us Americans are coping at this time of economic times. I’m working more, splurging less and trying to keep an optimistic outlook on the ‘what to come’.
I have to admit, I do feel like a hooker, whoring myself for an extra shift or lowering my wages so I will get that freelance gig. If my pride was any bigger than it had, I’d probably be on Skid Row right about now, but I’m not and I believe its because I know your never too good and karma.
I have a saying, “Small Sacrifices, Greater Rewards” and this is a perfect example of it.
I feel a little drained, but my Red Bull ( a luxury I will not give up) is keeping me fueled.

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Eat or Be Eaten

Eat or Be Eaten


Hi Everyone – Just an update what I.M. Designs & Ink Martyr Graphics has done and what to come.

1) I.M. Designs (aka. me) 😉 has finished its comprehensive marketing/collateral material for
Micanopy Doc Hollywood Days ’09. My office won from the Silent Auction (which I LOVED) a nice Japanese set of pictures/paper weight/jewelry box and tea pourer. It was a fun project and can not wait for next year as the path has now been paved.

2) Holiday Inn, Lake City FL, asked I.M. Designs to created an 8.5×5 color mailer emphasizing it is the ONLY FULL SERVICE Inn. These mailer were completed and distributed in the North Central Florida

3) Networks, Los Angeles CA, a Caterer to the Stars requested a flyer to be created for Father’s Day and Graduation (in progress)

4) I.M. Designs is in the final phase of its FIRST E-Commerce website for Dakota Mercantile Gracious Living. It is currently customizing the blog page as well as completing a Flash intro. Merchandise will be displayed for online purchase in June 2009. (in progress) (beta)

5) I.M. Designs will be creating a brochure for AlphaVictor. June 2009
Thank you again for all your continued support. Adios!

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Tampa bound

Posted: May 12, 2009 in Dakota Mercantile, FL, Gainesville, Tampa

Its official. I’m moving to Tampa. I pick up my keys the 17th of this month and I’m off to a new adventure. I’m looking forward to meeting other designers and businesses alike and plan to get some networking done once I’m settled in.

Gainesville community has been kind and memorable to me. I’ve met a lot of sincere and great people who have been my clients later friends and vice versa. I graduated from college here and have shared some of the college sports victories and loses.

I will miss this great place but am optimistic of the future.

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Taking it all in

Posted: May 6, 2009 in e-commerce, website

I’ve been doing my homework and am ready to start the drafts of my first E-Commerce website.  I’m looking forward to the reward although I know getting to the goal will be challenging being that I am a one man army as opposed to a team of 2 or 5.

I do know once the ground work is done, it’ll be easier for others.
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Cinco De Mayo

Posted: May 5, 2009 in Micanopy, print

I had a great experience with a fellow graphic designer who did the print for a project I did for Micanopy Doc Hollywood days.

Although school does a great job of ‘introducing’ you to what the real world offers…there’s nothing like “real world” experience that truly teaches you. Each print project differs from printer to printer and patience truly is a virture for each job.

Glad to say. Mission complete and I look forward to the hardcopy.

Thanks again Benji from !

Sample Work

Posted: May 3, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I finally took the time to finish a little side project and post up some samples of my work.

Although I am going through a lot of trial and error learning the new versions of software. 
I’m eager as ever to indulge myself in this new information.

Next course – Customizing blogs